Time for the terrace!🌞 

Enjoy the outdoors, each other and delicious snacks and drinks.

🚲13 minutes 🚘 6 minutes
Eetcafé de Veenhandel is open with its spacious terrace, offering a small lunch and menu. Snacks and takeaway are also available here. The eatery is located in a monumental building which provides a lot of atmosphere. To avoid surprises, check the opening hours by clicking here

🚲32 minutes 🚘 11 minutes 🛥️1.5 hours
Old-fashioned good food in a cozy but cozy restaurant. At Restaurant 't Sluisje you will find slightly different dishes on the menu and you don't have to worry about getting too little. It's like stepping into your grandparents' living room. Highly recommended at a fine price and, in addition, reachable by boat

🚲17 minutes 🚘 10 minutes 🛥️45 minutes
The Rietershuijs is located on the Kalenbergergracht, an ideal point to end a day in the Weerribben with a delicious dinner. Your four-legged friend is also welcome at Het Rietershuijs. With nice weather you can visit the terrace where it is pleasant to have drinks and dine in one of the lounge seats. Het Rietershuijs works with a changing menu in which local products are used as much as possible.

🚲23 minutes 🚘 8 minutes
Cozy together enjoying delicious cold and or hot dishes. Served at the table to share with your family or friends. A way to deliciously taste the different dishes, cozy together, matching any time of the day. No more stress about which dish to choose from the menu, just enjoy the different dishes, even those you might not choose so quickly.

🚲36 minutes 🚘 15 minutes 🛥️1.5 hours
This fine place should not be forgotten in the list, definitely a nice place to visit. Geertien in the place Muggenbeet is a well-known bergip in the region. Formerly for reed cutters, peat cutters, fishermen, boatmen and locals, it is now a popular place for a very diverse public. The dishes from Geertien's kitchen are very varied, truly there is something for everyone. The company works with two menus, the dinner menu features many luxury specialties such as veal sweetbreads, sole, seasonal and local products.

🚲16 minutes 🚘 9 minutes 🛥️30 minutes
Pavilion Driewehsluis is perfect for a nice dinner or sitting on the terrace enjoying the beautiful view of the Rottige Meenthe. On weekends the Driewegsluis is open from 10:00 so perfect for a cup of coffee and cake. For opening hours during the week, please visit their website.