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🚘 23 minutes 🚲 1 hour 18 min
Lemmer is a beautiful village in the southwestern part of Friesland. Lemmer is one of the most popular water sports towns in Friesland due to its location on the Frisian lakes and the Ijsselmeer. Tourists come to Lemmer for shopping in the Shortstreek, the Nieuwedijk and the Langestreek, and so Lemmer also has numerous attractions. A "must see" in Lemmer is the UNESCO World Heritage Site lr. D.F. het Woudagemaal, the largest still functioning pumping station in the world! Just outside the center is the beach of Lemmer with a lovely beach pavilion making it a wonderful place to stay. From the beach of Lemmer you can take a dip in the Ijsselmeer.

🚘 21 minutes 🚲 53 minutes
Located in National Park Weerribben- Wieden, Giethoorn is an idyllic village in Overijssel where numerous thatched farmhouses are built on small peat islands connected by over 170 wooden bridges. Take a boat tour and cruise the canals of this Venice of the Netherlands or have lunch or dinner at one of the tasteful waterfront restaurants. Giethoorn has many tourist attractions such as Museum Giethoorn 'Olde Maat Uus' and museum the Old Earth.

🚘 29 minutes
Discover Heerenveen! The good mix of stores combined with the presence of nice restaurants and cafes makes it a good place to be in the center of Heerenveen. You will find stores from national clothing chains, but also cool boutiques and delicatessens. Throughout the year there are also all kinds of events organized in the center, every month there is something fun to see or do! East of Heerenveen you can enjoy a walk in the royal forest Oranjewoud

🚘 38 minutes
Zwolle! The bustling heart city Zwolle where a rich history goes hand in hand with modern art and trendy coffee bars. In this beautiful center with star-shaped city canal ur can spend hours strolling, shopping, eating and visiting cultural hotspots. Within the Zwolse city canal and city walls you will encounter one icon after another: icons like the Sassenpoort and the Peperbus. Cultural gems like Museum de Fundatie and the Herman Brood experience. You can also enjoy the most famous three-star restaurant in the Netherlands, De Librije. And all this within the star-shaped ring of canals; but Zwolle is also more than worth a visit outside.