Blokzijl was once established as a settlement but then grew into a fortress to ward off hostile Spanish ships. After that, in the Golden Age, Blokzijl quickly became a transshipment port with a lively trade. The merchants were well deserved and of this beautiful houses were built that have been preserved over the centuries and form a beautiful backdrop around the harbor. The current houses, shops and galleries still have the ornate facades.

Blokzijl is now not only known for its harbor and beautiful nature, the famous restaurant Kaatje at the Sluis also put Blokzijl on the map as a gastronomic village. Blokzijl is also known for the musical events at the start and end of the sailing season. In June there is often a music festival where the performances are performed on a floating stage.

Water and water sports are connecting factors in Blokzijl. Every year many thousands of yachts, sloops and sailing boats pass through the picturesque lock of Blokzijl for a cruise through the Weerribben Wieden National Park or towards the Frisian Lakes.


Below you can view the photos of the village Ossenzijl - in nature reserve Weerribben Wieden. From Ossenzijl there are beautiful cycling routes and sailing routes both towards Friesland and the Frisian Lakes as well as Weerribben Wieden National Park with places such as Giethoorn, Blokzijl, Muggenbeet, Wanneperveen, Blauwe Hand, Kalenberg, Sint Jansklooster and Vollenhoven.