Discover the exciting game: Prison Break Paasloo

How did it ever get that far? Can you ever live in freedom again? You are about to board the prisoner transport of the Paasloo Penal Institution. The bus will take you to one of the toughest and most violent prisons in the Netherlands. Here you have to survive the coming years. It seems that escaping is no longer possible, or is there still a chance to escape this fate?

Do you dare to make an ultimate escape attempt? Cooperation with your fellow prisoners is required. If you manage to escape from the bus, a flight through the adjacent forest seems the best option. On the other side of the forest you can hear the engine of the possible escape car running. The driver wants to lend a hand, but only if you can tell him the password. To find out the password, you have to take the necessary challenges along the way and keep your head cool, otherwise one of the other teams will be ahead of you and you will be in jail that same evening.

Prison Break Paasloo is the new escape sensation. Together with your friends, family or colleagues you fight against each other in teams to be the first to escape. For more information, visit Facebook or the website.

Prison break Paasloo is made possible by Escaperoom the butcher of Oldemarkt and Café-Restaurant ’t Binnenhof. The game always starts and ends in or at the Binnenhof. In less weather, umbrellas and ponchos are provided. The game is played throughout the year. In (incident) darkness, flashlights and the like are given or can be earned with assignments.

- Play time: +/- 90 min.
- Price: from 20,00 p.p.
- No child's price is charged (minimum age 10 years)
- Good for team building