Walking and cycling in the Weerribben, Giethoorn and surroundings

The surroundings of villa park de Weerribben lend themselves perfectly as the perfect setting for walking and cycling enthusiasts.

The surroundings of Weerribben-Wieden consists of forest, reed and water landscapes with open waters where you can hear the silence and enjoy the peace and space. In the many picturesque villages and towns in the area you can recover from your adventure and taste the hospitality of the area on a terrace.

During the walking and cycling tours you will encounter various types of flora and fauna, the lowest peat bog area in Europe is a protected nature area. Various bird species have found their place here, such as the roe domp, carekite and the reed singer. In addition to the winged inhabitants of this nature reserve, you can also come face to face with otters, roe deer and rare butterfly species such as the silver moon and the large fire butterfly during your visit to this area. Regarding the flora, special and protected plants such as the marsh wolf's milk, parnassia and the green tuber orchid grow in this nature reserve.

The area in which Villapark de Weerribben is located is the location of several starting and junction points of various walking and cycling routes through the Weerribben-Wieden and surroundings. Villapark de Weerribben offers you the option of cycling the De Weeribben & De Wieden cycle junction route.

Do you not have the option to take your bike with you during your vacation or weekend away in the Netherlands? No problem, because you can rent bicycles at the reception of the Villapark de Weerribben holiday park.